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Organisations are facing challenges and opportunities on every front these days. The HR Lounge, helps organisations as a reputable people and OD focussed consultancy with 12 years as a successful business. We provide a range of services to clients which are grouped into the following sections
  • Resilient organisations
  • Resilient Top Teams
  • Resilient People
We are currently working on projects such as:
  • Redesigning the top-level structures of a local authority
  • Delivering a cultural review for a complex organisation
  • Designing and delivering an HR review in a large academic institution
  • Reviewing HR policy and communications for a district council
  • Reviewing the cultural practices of leaders in a private sector company
Our associates are very experienced HR leaders who have extensive practical experience as well as sound consultancy skills, they have been there and have delivered in difficult situations and understand the nuances and complexities of organisations. We are open and honest with clients we bring an objective perspective to any people situation.